I started the business in 1997 and still spend any money we make on continually buying more stock than we can fit on the shelves!! I am passionate about music in general and can’t imagine doing any other job. My personal music faves are anything by Mott the Hoople and Bill Fay and I have a guilty pleasure for electronic/synths


After working in Mental Health as an Art Therapist for many years, I now find myself managing our Warminster Store!! This is probably because I married the owner!! I have learnt a great deal about music and my interests vary, they range from Tom Robinson (I was an original member of the Castaway club) to Jeff Buckley. My two children have now also discovered vinyl, which is great!!!


Discovering new music from up & coming artists is something I enjoy immensely, and I try to support new artists as much as possible, whether it be buying their releases, or catching them live at a show

I have often edged toward the indie & electronica scene, with favourites such as Radiohead & LCD Soundsystem, but I’m always looking to expand my taste and currently enjoyed the magnificent UK jazz scene with artists such as Ishmael Ensemble, Emma-Jean Thackray, & Alabaster Deplume.


I’m a big lover of all things pop music. A groovy bass line and a catchy hook is all I need in a song.

While working at Raves I’ve listened to so many new artists and genres which have expanded my music taste massively but I always find myself coming back to my home comforts like Talking Heads and Pavement.