I started the business in 1997 and still spend any money we make on continually buying more stock than we can fit on the shelves!! I am passionate about music in general and can’t imagine doing any other job. My personal music faves are anything by Mott the Hoople and Bill Fay and I have a guilty pleasure for electronic/synths


After working in Mental Health as an Art Therapist for many years, I now find myself managing our Warminster Store!! This is probably because I married the owner!! I have learnt a great deal about music and my interests vary, they range from Tom Robinson (I was an original member of the Castaway club) to Jeff Buckley. My two children have now also discovered vinyl, which is great!!!


My tastes do vary but I’d have to say my main bag is indie and electronic music. Artists I’ve collected over the years have been the likes of Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem. However I also quite like Johnny Cash – is that allowed…?


Well for years I’d always dreamed of working in a record shop. I found the shop in Warminster and became one of their regulars for a couple of years before they asked me if I’d like a job – talk about a dream come true! My favs tend to be electronic, punk and reggae with one of my biggest likes being Blondie.


I have worked in the music industry for many years in roles as varied as artist management and music journalist, in fact I still write for several national publications including The Guardian and Songlines in my spare time.  I am also a musician and am training to be a music therapist. I join Raves From The Grave as poacher turned game keeper; like many of the team here I have been a customer to both shops and thought why not get paid to hang out in my favourite record shops!  The most interesting part of my role is being introduced to new music through our wonderful and eclectic customers and I hope passing on some of my own gems.


After my dad bullied Richard into letting me do my work experience here in 2015 I was later asked if I’d like a Saturday job here in the New Year! One of my favourite acts is the Arctic Monkeys but I’d have to admit I also have a love for Dr. Feelgood too!