We Come From The Sun

Cerys Matthews



Best-selling author, award winning BBC 6 Music DJ/ presenter and multi-million selling cool Cymru musician, Cerys Mathews, will release We Come From The Sun in January 2021. The album is composed by Cerys Matthews with Hidden Orchestra and features 10 UK poets: MA.MOYO, Raymond Antrobus, Lemn Sissay, Liz Berry, Anthony Anaxagorou, Adam Horovitz, Cia Mangat, Imtiaz Dharker, Kim Moore and Kayo Chingonyi.

Cerys says; “I’ve always been in awe of the power of a great turn of phrase; in poems, songs and prose. There are some exceptional poems being added to the world right now. So I invited poets whose work I admired and had championed for years to join me in this project. I selected poems which worked across and with each other to become a journey, an aural adventure.”

“I’m hoping it’ll be the first in a series of ‘poem song’ albums on Decca, with life on earth as inspiration. As simple and complex as that. The theme for this then, as the first, had to begin at the beginning: Genesis”.

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Additional information

Year of Release 2021
Record Label Decca
No. of Tracks 12



Track Name
1. Belinda Zhawi - Flame Lily
2. Raymond Antrobus – Happy Birthday Moon
3. Lemn Sissay - Adventure Flight
4. Cia Mangat - She Strikes The Ball Like a Match
5. Anthony Anaxagorou - Once I Had An Acceptance Speech
6. Kim Moore - And The Soul
7. Liz Berry - Connemara
8. Adam Horovitz - A House Built From Cloth
9. Kayo Chingonyi - Loch Long
10. Imtiaz Dharker - The Trick
11. Liz Berry - Birmingham Roller
12. Kim Moore - Sometimes You Think of Bownes