I Too Am A Stranger

The Sorcerers



I Too Am A Stranger is a resolutely maximal endeavour, a layered recording both sonically and via many interwoven influences: as ever, the Ethiopique sound is front and centre [Bebaynetu, Kid Mahout, She Who Perceives The Sounds Of The World], but there are also references to the declamatory baritone sax-heavy chanbara soundtracks of Fumio Hayasaka [Yasuke In Roppongi, Oromo Moon], the fuzzed-out vibes sound of Vibrafinger-era Gary Burton [side openers The Warrior Code and He Who Kills With One Leap], and Moondog’s popping woodblocks [Moth, The Dao Of The Sorcerers].

I Too Am A Stranger – LP

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Year of Release 2024
Record Label All Things Analogue
No. of Tracks 9