Blind On A Galloping Horse

David Holmes



Blind On A Galloping Horse serves as David Holmes’ first solo album since 2008’s The Holy Pictures.
A 14-track interrogation of the last decade, time spent watching a decaying, fraying Britain visibly buckling in real time while
tending to his own battles with mental health. Holmes’ soundtrack to this inquiry is at times claustrophobic, often euphoric,
driven by the rattle and snap of analogue drum machines, wild oscillations of droning analogue synths and the voice of Raven
Violet which beguiles and commands in a way that could part oceans.
On this record, there are songs of hope for an age of uncertainty; love songs to leap the barricades to and, on ‘Necessary
Genius’, a comprehensive roll call of the great and good – those ‘dreamers, misfits, radicals, outcasts’ that we’ve lost and just
a few who’ve managed to cling on in the churn of the 21st century. And there are elegiac electronics evocative of an endless
Europe where pulsating, crackling rhythm tracks fuse with dreamlike textures and the underground pulse of psychedelic
therapy to form something unique that feels nothing less than radical.

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Blind On A Galloping Horse – CD
Expected Release: 10th November 2023
Blind On A Galloping Horse – LP
Expected Release: 10th November 2023

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Additional information

Year of Release 2023
Record Label Heavenly Recordings
No. of Tracks 14