Uhuru In Dub

Prince Jammy



Lloyd James better known as Prince Jammy was born in Jamaica in 1947. He started releasing his own productions in the late debut album in 1977. Black Uhuru and Prince Jammy would go on to dominate Jamaican music into the 1980’s. In 1985 he had a huge hit with what is considered the first digital reggae record Under Me Sleng Teng by Wayne Smith. He continued in the digital vain and is considered the godfather of Jamaican digital dancehall. Black Uhuru started from very humble Jamaican beginnings in the early 1970’s but went on to become a massive worldwide Reggae sensation by the mid 1980’s. This ambience of Pop Reggae Futurism was to become the cornerstone of their sound and along with Prince Jammy they forged the way for the digital production sound that would come to dominate the future of Jamaican music.

Uhuru In Dub – LP

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Year of Release 2024
Record Label Charly
No. of Tracks 10