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Bon Jovi

Coloured LP, CD


Forever features 12 new songs from one of history’s most iconic bands, Bon Jovi, including the hit lead single, Legendary.

Going into a new Bon Jovi album with an open mind in 2024 requires the understanding that this isn’t the same band from 40 years ago. Gone are the bare-chested, libidinous glam-metal anthems of the MTV era; ever since Max Martin got his hands on the career-rejuvenating “It’s My Life” at the dawn of the millennium, Bon Jovi has trafficked in slick, nostalgia-soaked adult-contemporary pop-rock. They still reach for the rafters, but they are now full of parents who are likely more concerned with memorizing their kids’ soccer schedules than Aqua Netting their hair or wiggling into a pair of leather pants.


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Candy Apple & Clear Translucent Half & Half Vinyl

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Year of Release 2024
Record Label Island
No. of Tracks 12