No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds


byThe Orb

The pioneers of ambient house present their 15th studio album and with it bring a totally different sound from the last two techno inspired albums, Moonbuilding 2703 AD and COW/Chill Out World!

No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds is a throwback to their debut album, Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, released 22 years ago, which became an instant classic in the 90s, creating a new genre of chilled after-party music. The familiar sound of the ‘dubby’ bass used at the time and clever, interesting samples are all here again allowing the listener to reminisce.

Highlights include ‘Pillow Fight @ Shag Mountain’ which clearly benefits from Brian Eno and Jah Wobble’s influence and ‘Wolfbane’ which has a jazzy/techno feel to start and ends with an eerie minute-long sample. Its moments like these that only The Orb can create. There are various other collaborations within the 12 tracks including Hollie Cook on ‘RushHill Road’ and Emma Gillespie on the synth driven ‘The End of the End’.

Dr Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann have yet again produced an album filled with quality grooves, taking the listener back to the heady sounds of those early 90s masterpieces whilst weaving in new pop production, proving The Orb are still top of their game.

Stand out track: ‘Wolfbane’