Record Store Day 2021 Update

26th May 2021

With just over 2 weeks until Drop 1 is upon us, please do keep an eye to the Record Store Day website, as a good number of releases have been moved back to Drop 2 due to delays at the pressing plants.

The Record Store Day website should have the most up to date list, you can find it here:

We’ll be publishing a list of what we have nearer the time, once most/all the stock has arrived.

We’ve got most of the RSD content now on our website:

Just search RSD21DROP1 for Drop 1 titles, and RSD21DROP2 for Drop 2 titles (some Drop 2 titles still to be added).

You can find all the 2021 titles on our website by searching RSD21

Any questions, please ask

Thanks, Raves

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