Our Record Store Day 2018 stories

5th June 2018

Record Store Day is our busiest day of the year. Like Christmas Day, the planning and preparation seems to start earlier every year, the build-up feels more intense and then like all good thing it’s over too quickly. But if you thought the day was just about making sure you’re in the queue early enough to bag that LP or box set you had your eye on then think again. Record Store Day is more to us than a busy trading day – it’s a day of stories, of kinship and camaraderie and above all lots of fun.

It begins of course with the queue.  The British have made queuing an art form and yet it still amazes us how friendly and helpful everyone in the queue is each year, despite the early start. Perhaps it’s the free coffee (thanks to Coffee One in Warminster), pastries and special goodie bags that keeps the tempers at bay – but I suspect it is the universal love and respect of the music and for some the chance to revisit old friendships or even start new ones.  It is a real joy to see customers exchange phone numbers and promise to see each other again – even if only, same time, same place next year!

Certainly there is no truer friend than someone who is prepared to stand diligently for hours to pick up a record for a friend, like our first customer of the day. Lesley Coupland and dog Gypsy (also our first Record Store Day dog) waited for over two hours so that their best friend could be one of the few to own the much coveted Led Zeppelin 7”.  We saw this over and over again throughout the day and this sense of friendship is what makes this a great place to work and our customers such great people to share the day with.

Record Store Day brings out the best in people. They say never work with children or animals but both added to the party atmosphere in the Warminster shop on Saturday, in fact the only tears shed were that of elation as customers from all over the South West bustled in, in hope that their record was still left on the shelf.

One couple made it all the way from Bournemouth in a desperate attempt to pick up the last copy of the Maccabees on picture disc.  Having spent all morning calling every record shop in the area it is no wonder Damon Locke was giddy with excitement as he finally handed over the cash and took his longed-for record home.

We also had comedy moments, in large part down to the staff as our feet began to ache and tired brains began to fail. But you also kept us laughing; there was even a mock sword fight over the last Pink Floyd album. Luckily nobody got hurt and everybody went home happy!

These are just a selection of your stories from Saturday; we would love to hear more.  Thank you for sharing them with us, for joining us on the day to celebrate great music and of course for your continued support throughout the year.  Long Live Vinyl!

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